Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stunning staircases

These staircases aren't for the timid, but are ideal if you like to make an entrance! Pops of color, sculptural design and ornate iron-work are just a few of the things that make these staircases such a major focal point. Although not the easiest design concept to translate into real life (unless you are building it from scratch), these inspirational stairways can keep you dreaming. 

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  1. Staircases of the winding newel type, narrow and steep in gradient and devoid of ornament, continued in use during the fifteenth and first half of the sixteenth centuries. There was, however, no development of the newel stair, as in France, of wide, stately, and intricate construction; and with the introduction of the wooden construction, the stair became the joiner's, not the mason's province, and developed on lines of its own. There is, as Mr Gotch observed, "no intermediate type between the stone spiral and the straight flight of wood," and it is difficult to imagine a possible intermediary.