Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not so headBORING!

I learned the hard way, when decorating my bedroom in Hilton Head, to always start with the headboard. I had originally picked out everything else and then couldn't find a headboard that looked good. The end result was that I fell in love with a headboard that didn't go with anything and had to completely start over (thank god I kept receipts!) It was significantly easier to choose the other furniture and accessories once the headboard--or the centerpiece of the room--had been settled. I chose a distressed wooden headboard, but I'm also really into fabric covered ones right now. These are some of my favorite variations on fabric headboards. 

1. Try a unique shape!

2. Can you say tufting?

3. Make your own design. 

4. A great place for pattern.

5. Nail heads anyone? 

6. It's all in the details, think about piping. 

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