Monday, January 21, 2013


It's January and I'm cold. I do not want to mislead those who are not from North Carolina, because we have had some beautiful afternoons (today was 65 degrees F), but I'm just always cold. I use my gas-log fireplace almost every night during the coldest months. This has resulted in me being particularly fire-focused the last several weeks and I thought I might share my favorite. I don't think I have a common denominator for any of these designs other than they contain fire, but I choose to find beauty in the diversity.

These pebbles are spectacular. The movement in the stones result in one of the coolest designs I've seen for a fireplace. 
This fireplace's luxurious stone and immense stature give it the presence of a greek statue.  

Ok, so this is an absolute dream. I say a dream, because in reality I have NEVER met a guy that would want to sleep that close to a fire. You will both sweat to death. 
Anytime the words "flood to ceiling marble" are used, it's going to be stunning. 

That is a fireplace that hangs from the ceiling. You would think they could better chairs than bean bags? Maybe I'm just not being open minded...
Haha I love this because, a flat-screen has been incorporated into the design. Yah, because this looks so cool and I think most living rooms have TV's. You don't want to be that family. 
Total pipe dream. I'm not even totally sure I know what *pipe dream means but I think this all-glass fireplace describes it. Pretty neat!  
Totally vintage, probably not the most practical. Who else can see soot everywhere? Although, I'll admit this setting has a ton of charm.
This reminds me of a pizza oven, but in a good way. I am pretty jealous of whatever lucky homeowner snapped up this brick fireplace and herringbone hardwood floors. 
We'll end with a mint-green fireplace straight from the Jetsons. The sleek design prevents the fireplace from blocking this amazing view from any angle.

*A fantastic notion or vain hope

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