Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Obsession: Tufted chairs!

Nothing screams "sit on me!" more than an overstuffed, tufted chair. It's a classic piece of furniture that is both chic and comfortable--beautiful and practical. If you're hoping to revamp a simple chair with upholstery and a diamond tuft, this might be a fun DIY project. (Here is a great tutorial from The Little Green Notebook for DIY tufting) However, if your chair looks anything like the chairs below,  I would hire a professional. Here are some of my favorite tufted inspirations! 

1. Lemon yellow upholstery set against this rustic backdrop, makes this chair a total standout. I also love the stuffed-to-capacity look. 

2. Nothing says glamour like jewel-toned velvet. Not what you call subtle, but very cool.

3. This is the perfect picture of calm: carved wood, cool light and cream fabric. 

4. Bold color and a streamline silhouette update the traditional tuft in this modern take on seating. 

6. This chair celebrates all things girlish and feminine. Perfect for that woman who likes all thing pink and Paris!  

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