Saturday, October 20, 2012

5 minute hostess gift

I am always looking for an original hostess gift (that people will actually enjoy!) Costing only $15 and taking only 5 minutes, this jute (rope) wrapped orchid is my new favorite. 

Because my original pot was brown, I did not mind a little space between the twine. If you are going for perfect, it might take closer to 15 minutes to wrap. My favorite part about DIY projects are the imperfections, but it's up to you on how "hand-made" you want your gift to look. 

I recommend orchids because they come in all colors and are very easy to care for (all it takes to keep it alive are three pieces of ice in the pot a week). This bright fuchsia color was ideal for my girly-girl friend, but there should be a wide variety from which to choose.

What you'll need to complete this project: an orchid (I got mine at the Lowes Food for just $13), jute twine ($2 at Home Depot) and adhesive. 

*Although I started the project with tacky glue, spray adhesive was much faster! Both are going to leave a little glue on your fingers but I am definitely going to use the spray adhesive from now on. 

Start by spraying the top half of the pot with adhesive. Beginning at the top/backside wrap the jute twine around the plant as evenly as possible. If you want to prevent space between the twine, just carefully roll the twine upwards until they touch. 

Continue to work your way down the pot until you've covered the area with the glue. Next spray the bottom half of the planter with adhesive. *Be careful not to glue your plant to the surface on which you are working (this almost happened to me!) To prevent this just make sure you are moving the pot while you are wrapping it with twine. It also helps to put down another sheet of paper after you have sprayed.

Once you have reached the bottom, add a little bit of extra adhesive to keep the end in place and voile! You have a beautiful gift for any hostess or housewarming party. 

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