Friday, October 12, 2012

Form meets function...Kitchen!

I am most inspired by design when a practical object is stripped down to basics and rebuilt with a totally new vision! These kitchen gadgets are perfect examples of how design can completely transform the way you think about many of the items you use everyday. From the simply chic (crescent-shaped bottle opener!) to the slight morbid (yes, I'm talking to you knife holder) unique design can be applied to any object at any time. 

Known as "The Ex" this knife holder brings a whole new meaning of anger management to kitchens everywhere. I can visualize a perfect evening of drinking wine, cooking and and playing Voodoo!

So I have no idea how this works, but what a smart idea! I am a little bit picky about how I like my toast, so this would be perfect...I don't think it's coming to Target anytime soon.

I have been obsessed with "The Crescent Moon Bottle Opener" (designed by Masanori Oji) since I laid eyes on it almost two years ago. So simple, yet's going on this years Christmas list!

This one would only come out for guests, but I love it all the same. If you drink a ton of milk (like me!) it not ideal for daily use, but it's a perfect conversation starter over any brunch.

These crystal light bulbs are absolutely enchanting. Not meant to be in just any old lamp, these bulbs are a charming addition to any space.

Last on the list are the functional and original "Equilateral Nails". These triangular heads transform something totally ordinary into a design statement of it's own. It's studding for your walls!

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