Monday, October 29, 2012

Smoking counter tops

There are so many options when it comes to kitchen counters today, it is easy to make it one of the most fabulous parts of your home. Natural stone is always a good value for resale (granite being the most popular because of it's durability) but here are a few other ways to make your sure counter tops stand above the rest. 

Go with color! I am OBSESSED with the hot pink and natural wood combination. I would love to do this in a pool house or anywhere with lots of light.

Choose an irregular pattern. The more organic the pattern, the more I love it! The minimal design around the counter top allows the focus stay on the marble's natural beauty.

Think wood! Great for a rustic feel, a beautiful piece of wood can be as unique as any stone. Wood counter tops exude warmth and comfort, but make sure you have a good sealant!

Paint? A fun makeover project, I think this gray polka dot is extremely charming. I wouldn't just start by slapping some paint on my counters, but I bet enough googling could make a DIY happen.

Glass?!? Ok, so I don't know how often you see this, but what a cool idea! I love the modern look and I bet it feels amazing...maybe this will be around one day soon?

Honed natural stone? Instead of glossy granite, why not think matte? I think a matte natural stone counter top is one of the chicest options out there right now (if you're up for a little more maintenance?)

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