Friday, October 12, 2012

Office inspiration

I'm definitely one of those people who fantasizes about the perfect desk (and it being perfectly organized)! In reality, I always end up studying/working in my bed surrounded by a flurry of papers and technology. Keeping in line with my office fantasy, today I am featuring some of my favorite work spaces! Although I am sure that I will never be able to maintain a space like this in my own home, it will not deter me from dreaming.

This chartreuse desk chair is incredible opposite the teal stool and white desk. All that closed storage looks so functional as well!

This drawing desk is meant for some serious work! I love the combination of industrial and feminine. (And most importantly the doggy!)

What an inspirational workspace! The Sea captain's bust is my favorite accessory I've come across in a while. However, I would be afraid the wallpaper might distract me too much to be functional.

The long stems of lavender are the ideal accent to this simple office. The whitewashed floors and mismatched chair create a soothing cottage atmosphere.

This office's mixed metals, fresh whites and pops of color are the epitome of glamour. This is not your average DIYer's place of work.

Modern and simple, this black and orange office highlights a few exceptional features, but ultimately knows this is a place of business.

Bright paintings framed in gold are all this office needs to dress up an otherwise practical space. This is a perfect example of creating drama with your art!

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